Different varieties of coffee


This type of coffee tree is very suitable for the climate and soil in the Central Highlands of Vietnam – especially the basaltic land (Gia Lai, Daklak) – annually reaching 90-95% of the total coffee production in Vietnam, fragrant Concentration, not sour, high caffeine, suitable for Vietnamese taste, but too concentrated for foreigners. Growing Robusta coffee requires intensive cultivation to achieve high yields because the fruit is planted on a branch once, must create new branches (secondary branches 1,2,3…). To achieve this factor, farmers must have capital, a basic knowledge. Usually only in the second year – the period of basic construction – the grower has already harvested, not getting the tops off early, so by the first year of business (the 3rd year of the crop) the tree is weak, has a canopy shape, lacks branches. secondary.

Robusta coffee, also known as Robusta coffee, belongs to the plant species Coffea Canephora Pierre ex A. Froehner. This is a coffee variety that is well adapted to the climate and soil on the rich basalt red soil – the Central Highlands with an altitude of 800-1000m above sea level. It is the most popular type of coffee in Vietnam, accounting for more than 90% of annual production.

Characteristics: Robusta coffee beans are round and are usually 2 seeds in 1 fruit. Experiencing processing on modern equipment lines with high technology, Robusta coffee has a mild aroma, bitter taste, brown water, not sour, just enough caffeine content to create a unique flavor. special coffee suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.


This variety has two varieties being grown in Vietnam: Moka and Catimor

Mocha (Moka)

attractive aroma, sweet taste, light taste, but the output is very low, the domestic price is not high because it cannot be exported, while the export price is very high – 2-3 times higher than Robusta – because it is not enough to grow, so people Farmers rarely grow this type of coffee.


Strong aroma, slightly sour taste, the export price is twice that of Robusta – but not suitable for the climate of the Central Highlands because the fruit ripens in the rainy season and is not concentrated – so the cost of picking is very high – currently in Quang Nam. Tri is growing this plant experimentally, and it has very good prospects.

Arabica coffee is also known by the folk name called tea coffee. In our country, there are mainly two main varieties, mokka and catimor, belonging to the plant species Coffea L. Arabica coffee occupies a very small area, about 1% of the coffee growing area. This type of coffee only gives good quality when grown at an altitude of over 1000m above sea level. Because of its high economic efficiency and good quality, the planting area is currently being encouraged by the state.

Characteristics: Arabica, when mixed, gives the water a light brown color, the bitter taste is very diverse from mild bitterness, gentle, seductive aroma to bitter taste and strong aroma, especially the slightly sour taste is very attractive and appropriate. to the taste of ladies.

Cherry (jackfruit coffee)

Not very popular because of the very sour taste – good drought tolerance. Simple care, very low cost – but the export market does not like it even in the country, so few people grow this type – a 15-20 year old jackfruit coffee tree, if good, can be harvested from 100kg -200kg of fresh coffee if located near cow stables or family activities…

Cherry, also known as jackfruit coffee, consists of two main varieties, Liberica and Exelsa. This variety is not very popular, but it is very resistant to pests and diseases and has a very high yield. Grown in dry, windy and sunny areas of the highlands.

Characteristics: Cherry has a very different character and flavor of a tree that matures under the sun and wind of the Highlands. Golden, shiny coffee beans are very beautiful, dried beans have a scent of jackfruit. When mixed, it creates a faint aroma, especially the sour taste of cherries, creating a very refreshing feeling. Cherry is very suitable for women’s preferences with the blend of smell and taste creating a feeling of rustic, noble and deeply intertwined.


Is the selection of full-bodied coffee beans of Robusta, Arabica and Cherry coffee varieties. Those are the coffee beans that have accumulated the most quintessential things that nature has won for the red basalt land. With modern filtering and refining technology, we have produced the most excellent product.

Characteristics: Are full coffee beans. Especially in a fruit with only one seed. Bitter taste, passionate aroma, high caffeine content, comparable black water are what Culi coffee brings. It is the quintessential union of uniqueness.