Salt coffee

She is the happiest woman in the world, because someone could use their whole life to make a lie for her!

He and she met at a party. She was both young and beautiful at that time, so there were many followers, and he was just a university student. However, as soon as he saw her, he was met with a lightning bolt of love, even though he clearly knew that he was not worthy of her. When the party was over, he gathered all his courage to invite her out for coffee, and she, although surprised, out of courtesy, later accepted the invitation.

In the cafe, the atmosphere between the two is clearly awkward, unnatural, there is no topic of conversation, the coffee has not been brought up yet. She just wanted this to be over quickly.

At that moment, the waiter brought up the coffee, he stammered and said to the waitress: “Never mind… bother… can you get me a little more salt”.

Hearing that, the waitress immediately brought salt to him, he immediately added a little salt to the coffee, then slowly brought it to his mouth to drink.

She was very curious and asked him: “Why do you put salt in the coffee?”

He was silent for a moment, then blushed and stammered: “When, when I was a child… my house lived near the sea, I often soaked in the sea, letting the waves crash into me, the sea water flooded into my house. mouth, both acrid and salty. I haven’t been back home in a long time, so I’m nostalgic about everything there, including that salty, bitter sea water, so I’d like to add one. Add a little salt to the coffee, maybe it’s because I miss my hometown so much.”

This was really touching, because it was the first time she heard a man in front of her say that she misses her hometown. She thinks that a son who always remembers his homeland affirms that he is a son who loves his family, a son who loves his family will definitely be a responsible man. She suddenly felt the distance between the two of them in an instant was drawn closer together. So she also talked with him about his hometown far away… The two talked for a long, long time, the more they talked, the happier they were. Unknowingly, it was time for the coffee shop to close. When he offered to take her home, she didn’t refuse.

From then on, the two met more often, she discovered that he was really a very good, noble, careful, considerate, … and many other advantages. She thought in her heart: “Fortunately, at that time, due to courtesy, I did not miss you.”

After that, they also went to many places for coffee together, each time she would say to the waitress: “Can I add a little more salt? My friend likes to put a little more salt in the coffee.”

Not long after that, just like in fairy tales, “The prince married a beautiful princess, and from there lived a happy life together.”
They are really happy, moreover, have been happy for more than forty years. Although a lot of changes have happened in those forty years, the love of the two of them has remained the same forever, whether rich or poor, always loving each other, until the end of time. he passed away sick.
The story would probably have ended here, if it weren’t for that letter.

That letter were the last words he wrote to her:

My dear, please forgive me for lying to you for over forty years. That was the only lie – about the salted coffee. Do you remember the first time I invited you for coffee? At that time he was too worried, he wanted to ask for some sugar, but he mistakenly said salt. I was also too embarrassed to change, had to continue to put salt in my coffee and make up stories about my childhood by the sea to talk to you. In fact, he has never added salt to coffee to drink. Those words made him drink salted coffee all his life. I tried to tell you the truth many times, but then I was afraid that you would not forgive me. And he promised himself he would never lie again, to redeem the original lie. He was determined to spend the rest of his life implementing that lie.

However, I am no longer afraid of anything, because I have to go, the person who dies in the end is still easier to be forgiven by others, right?

Meeting you in this life is the greatest happiness in my life, if there is a next life, I still want to marry you, even if I have to drink a few more years of salted coffee, it doesn’t matter. Just to be honest, coffee with added salt is really hard to drink. Coffee with added salt, how could he have come up with such a thing?

The content of the letter made her extremely surprised, she thought of his year’s lie, involuntarily couldn’t hold back her tears and told him:

You are the happiest woman in the world, because someone could use their whole life to make a lie for you!.